Pork braised with Fresh Summer Peppers


Pork braised with Fresh Summer Peppers


Having picked up some beautiful freshly ground pork at the Dekalb Farmers Market this morning, I braised it with mild seasonings and two kinds of locally grown sweet peppers, Banana peppers from my son-in-law Jason’s garden and a Poblano from the Farmers Market. The tender, savory dish made a delightful hot-weather dinner accompanied by Italian rustic bread, fresh corn on the cob and a cucumber salad. Best of all, the dish was easy to make, also suitable for summer. 

Here’s my recipe. It will serve 4-6 people.


1 pound freshly ground pork, fairly lean

1 medium-small onion, diced

1 large clove garlic, minced

3/4 pound of a mixture of sweet banana peppers and 1-2 Poblano peppers  

3/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

3/4 teaspoon paprika

1/4 teaspoon dry oregano

1 teaspoon sea salt, plus more to taste

3 tablespoons white wine


In a heavy pot, gently fry together the pork, onion and garlic, stirring frequently until pork turns color but does not start to brown,

Meanwhile, cut peppers in half and remove stems, cores, seeds and membranes. Cut peppers into 3/4-inch pieces.

When pork has lost its raw color, add spices, salt and wine. Simmer, covered but stirring occasionally, until pork is tender, 10-12 minutes. Add a tiny bit of water if becoming dry, 

Add peppers and simmer, covered, stirring occasionally until peppers just become tender,. Do not overcook them. Taste, and add a little salt if needed,

Serve with crusty bread or a rice dish, plus a simple salad.

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