Tim’s New Recipe Blog

Donderos’ Kitchen’s co-owner and Executive Chef, Tim Dondero, has taught international cooking for many years, both in Atlanta and Athens. For over five years Tim blogged about food, and for four years he wrote a bi-weekly food column (“Le Gourmet Fauché”) for the Athens Banner-Herald.

Tim once again has started blogging to share more of his recipes for international and regional American dishes – and occasional creations -- along with some of the fascinating background and lore surrounding the dishes and key ingredients. His new blog (timdonderosrecipes.blogspot.com) will differ from the earlier one by including photography of the dishes by his daughter Maria Dondero, of Southern Star Studio and Marmalade Pottery, Athens. 

Though an avid cook since childhood (his grandmother taught him to make pancakes at age six), Tim had a “day job” for over 45 years in international health and infectious disease control, much of that for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. During this time, he and his family spent over a decade overseas, in both Southeast Asia and West Africa. But during training, and numerous work trips to the tropics, he experienced many other parts of the world. Being enthusiastic about food, Tim always sought out local specialties and got to know, and sometimes cooked with, local cooks. At home he frequented ethnic restaurants. Through conversation, research, and trial and error, he learned to reproduce many of the dishes he encountered, within the constraints of the ingredients and cooking methods available at home.
Photography: Maria Dondero

Tim’s recipes are clear and work reliably in reproducing these dishes, after his extensive experience teaching cooking and then developing and standardizing recipes for most of the savory dishes served at and catered by Donderos’ Kitchen.

In the blog, the discussions of foods and recipes for successfully making them will focus on Tim’s favorites and seasonal dishes. The recipes will differ from those we use at Donderos’ Kitchen or that Tim teaches in his classes.

Overall, Tim’s new blog will continue to convey his enthusiasm about food and sharing the knowledge about it with others, whether family or friends. Recipes for many exciting and satisfying dishes will be presented, discussed, and illustrated.

The blog can be accessed at timdonderosrecipes.blogspot.com, through which all postings to date will be available. In addition, Tim’s former blog, “JintanManis,” with hundreds of recipes, can still be accessed at t-jintan.blogspot.com.

Bon appetit!

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